Meet the CDO Team


In 2011 the Civil Society Organisations (CSO) raised the need for a dedicated organisation to act with and on behalf of St Helena’s CSOs and increase communication with St Helena Government. The following year, the St Helena Community Development Organisation (CDO) was formed.


Shayla Ellick

Mia Henry

Danielle Anthony

Tara Wortley

Cynthia Bennett

Gillian Brooks 

Patrick (Pat) Henry

Jeremy Johns

Officer - Community Development Organisation 

The Community Development Organisation aims to:

  • strengthen community and family life

  • increase communication or act as an advocate between CSOs and SHG

  • raise standards of governance in CSOs

  • enhance accountability and policy formation in CSOs through support and training

  • encourage inclusion of marginalized or underrepresented groups

  • protect cultural, natural and built heritage as CSOs are the most effective way of providing protection of the wide range of heritage

The Community Development Organisation Committee Members currently are:

Chairperson - Shayla Ellick

Vice-Chair - Mia Henry

Treasurer - Danielle Anthony

Secretary - Tara Wortley
Members - Cynthia Bennett, Gillian Brook & Patrick (Pat) Henry