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Guinea Grass Community Center is BACK!

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It was always intended that the Guinea Grass Community Center would be restored and returned back to a committee to run. This was finally accomplished on April 1st 2017. Ingrid Fowler and her committee are raring to go! So watch this space for fun filled activities.

The Artist Network engage artists from the CCC

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The Artist Network was a small group set up by the late Cathy Hopkins and Artist Aine O'Keefe and later supported by Community Development Organisation Director Isha Harris. They have contributed their work towards two exhibits to date. Their work can be purchased and enjoyed at: The Inkwell, Arts & Crafts Shop and Bertrands Cottage.

Community Centers Unite

In September 2016 all the Community Center Committees were asked to come together to discuss their opinions on the way the Community Development Organisation support their roles. This consultation with Community Center Committee Representatives went a long way towards building trust and relationship between the committees and the CDO. It has informed the way the Strategic Plan for the CDO was put together for 2017. 

This was the first of many fruitful conversations and consultations the CDO hope to have with Community Center Committee Representatives.