If you would like to explore this option book an appointment with us and let us pass on our advice and services in this area.

Social Activities & Community Engagement

Planning ahead can help get everyone on board with your strategies as an organisation. Having a funding strategy will help mobilise your organisation to where they want to be. Get in touch for help developing this.

If you are running a social enterprise or planning on having a more entrepreneurial approach, you could receive financial support from ESH. Get in touch for more information.



Watch this space for Leadership Training. Something we hope to provide for volunteers, committee and board members with the help of ESH.



Communication is key to good Charity work. It promotes clarity, transparency and aids strategy. Come and talk to us for more help developing your Communications Strategy.


We have run workshops and had meetings at the St Helena museum on Communications, Strategic Thinking and Fundraising. We may be able to run a course specifically for your Civil Society Group. If you are interested, please get in touch!


The Community Development Organisation will grant up to £4000 to support one-off initiatives and the development of sustainable long-term projects for civil society groups, charities and clubs that are:


  • seen as offering services to the community, by strengthening community and family life

  • provide community and cultural services, encouraging a climate of community and volunteering

  • spend funding locally

  • have a significant public and social impact

  • provide environmental awareness and services e.g recycling and upcycling

  • are not able to secure mainstream funding from the ESH, BoSH or other sources


By giving one-off grants of up to £4,000.

Please read the guidelines carefully before


To help the committee decide between different applications, there is an assessment document that we encourage applicants to read. You will be scored according to each criteria as a way of coming to fair and more objective decision. Point system
The Community Grant Scheme fund has fixed dates by which applications must be received.

All successful applicants will be asked to sign a Grant Agreement Form before being awarded. Once their project has finished, applicants will submit a Monitoring and Evaluation form along with receipts. Monitoring & Evaluation Form

It can feel like there is a shortage of volunteers especially younger volunteers. We are looking for ways to involve the next generation in charity work as this is a field where you can gain confidence and managerial-leadership skills.


We welcome ideas and feedback on how we can encourage more young people to get involved.

Your voice and involvement in charity work is worth valuable. We want to encourage you to get on the radio and present your stories and play some music. Be it SAMS or Saint fm. Your stories inspire people to volunteer!


The more people you have involved or supporting your charity's project, the greater the impact you can have. 

Do you have Safeguarding policies and a vetting system in place? This is an essential characteristic of a good charity or good governance for a Civil Society Organisation. If you want to get your funders on board - get a good Safeguarding policy in place. Talk to the CDO for help with this.

Have you considered Crowd Source Funding?

Funding Strategy

Social Enterprise?

Safety Planning

Your Stories!

The DPAS recently held an AGM in July and were able to secure a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. A relief to many as it was feared that this charity would close despite a need for advocates and grants for disabled people.

Contact the Bank of St Helena with your Community Schemes as they may be able to help fund your project. For more information get in touch.

Community Grant Scheme:​​

Disabled Persons Aid Society

Children's Activities Calendar

Bank of St Helena



Community Grant Scheme Round Details:

To be confirmed

We help compile the activities that are planned for the holidays in a calendar that we then publish in both papers. If you would like to contribute to this calendar please get in touch.


We are based in Guinea Grass Community Centre. Come visit us for office support, advocacy or just a general chat.


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